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Jul 11, 2011

Redknapp Pinang Muda Former Barca Players

LONDON - Tottenham Hotspur to make a surprise return dibursa transfer this time. Coach Harry Redknapp has reportedly managed to woo one of his former Barcelona youth player. He is Cristian Ceballos.

Perhaps, many of you who do not know the figure of this young player. Four years ago, Ceballos had known when the action was filmed in the middle of juggling the ball with former star Ronaldinho. Unfortunately Ceballos could not develop, thus forcing Barca to release it.

But Ceballos is not broke. Players 18 years and then do the exercises with Chelsea and Spurs. Apparently, the game is simply brilliant Ceballos making Redknapp tempted to offer contracts to players who can play in the position of attacking midfielder or striker.

"Ceballos train hard and show some quality when he spent time here at the end of last season. In fact, Ceballos practicing with the team," a statement on Spurs' Tim Sherwood Coordinator techniques.

"There are other teams that also attracted to it. Ceballos need a little patience. If he can show his ability, then we are very confident Ceballos can play at top level," said Sherwood told Sky Sports on Tuesday (12/07/2011).