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Jul 13, 2011

Opposition Train Boy 7 Year Fight Khadafi

MISRATA - Again underage troops encountered on the battlefield. The first time the opposition Libyan government reportedly approximately 7 years to train boys to fight in the frontline against the Muammar Gaddafi.
Seven-year-old boy was caught on camera holding automatic weapons. They are also seen cleaning the weapon, the weapon shop Misrata City. These routine activities they do, when opposition forces fighting with loyalist troops in Zlitan Gaddafi.
Although they are not involved to fight in the forefront, it was obvious the opposition train inexperienced boys are up in arms. Surely this is a sad scene, considering the purpose of the struggle of the opposition who want to depose Khadafi power that has lasted for 42 years.
Since the war last February, the opposition has succeeded in control of eastern Libya. They build a central government in the region and control the port city of Benghazi and the most territory Misrata Nafusa.
In addition to train boys for war, opposition forces also build up its military strength. They began to build a weapon shop and make combat vehicles from improvised materials.
Indeed the supply of weapons for the current opposition parties reportedly continued to thin out. Even some local craftsmen to make your own weapons claimed by self-taught.
"This is my first time making this combat tool. I also learned to make other weapons, and hopefully all goes well," said Sadiq Mubakar Krain told the Daily Mail on Wednesday (13/07/2011).
Weapons workshop is also intended to build automatic weapons and anti-aircraft guns. Everything will be laid on top of a truck that has been dimodifakasi.
In spite of all the developments of weapons carried by the opposition, should not be used as potential child soldiers. These boys should have been playing freely with his friends than to play with guns.