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Jul 12, 2011

A funny moment immortalized Officer Monkey Park

Wiltshire - Ian Turner, Deputy Head of the Supervisory Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire, just capture a moment of humor on the behavior of a baby monkey who just two months old.

Initially, Ian interested in seeing the movements of a baby monkey who was busy round the nettle plant. Ian watched the monkeys with his camera in hopes of getting the monkey photo in close up.

It seems very curious monkey with green leaves that can cause itching them.

Then he plucked the leaves from the plants. After he was picking the leaves, he looks more and more curious about the leaves.

He did not seem to know what he did with the leaves it to eliminate the curiosity. Before long, he put the leaves into his mouth.

Suddenly a few seconds later his face grimacing due to itching caused by the leaves. He was instantly spit out the leaves that have been destroyed because of him chewing.

Normally, monkeys Rhesus Macaques this type will look for fruits to meet the needs of the fiber. But maybe tubuhan nettle baby look more attractive by the poor monkey.

Rhesus monkey monkey species is indeed one very intelligent animals. They will naturally learn the things he met to recognize shapes and colors. Similarly, as reported by Dailymail, Tuesday (12/07/2011).

In some areas of India, these intelligent animals are considered sacred because it has been centuries of living close to humans.