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Jul 12, 2011

French Resolve to Continue Military Offensive in Libya

French parliament Tuesday decided to continue the French intervention in Libya, where they have pioneered the diplomatic and military responses to the crisis in the West African country's north.

Nearly 500 members of parliament from the right-wing majority of President Nicolas Sarkozy at the national assembly agreed to continue the operation, with only 27 MPs voted against.

French upper house, Srnat, then decided to support the majority are equally comfortable 311 vs. 24. Approval came as France and Libya Tuesday highlighting the opportunity to discuss the withdrawal of Libyan leader Gaddafi Muamar of power and an end to the conflict which has damaged the country, after months of military stalemate.

The vote was an act of parliament required by the constitution of France during military operations in Libya, which began on March 19, about to enter the fifth month.

A government spokesman said Tripoli Libya "regrets" the vote, adding that Libya had expected the French parliamentarians will be able to test the situation without listening to "lies" the government and their media.

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