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Jul 11, 2011

Coming Soon, Pregnancy Prevention Gel

Choice of contraception for women will be more diverse following positive results from clinical trials on contraceptive gel.

Experts in the United States reported, the test results of testing a contraceptive gel in some women, found no meaningful side effects that usually complain about such an oral contraceptive users, the appearance of acne on the face or weight gain.

The results of clinical trials that indicated, gel control pills are enough smeared directly onto the surface of the skin it will be a new alternative in addition to the contraceptive pill, injection or IUD.

In its consumer, is quite topical gel once daily. In certain doses, this gel will deliver hormones to prevent pregnancy. Gel is claimed to be suitable for breastfeeding women, who frequently warned not to carelessly use the Pill because hormone levels can affect breastfeeding.

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