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Jul 14, 2011

Ask the Arab League United Nations 'Upgrading' Full Status Palestine

DOHA - Arab League will ask the UN to upgrade (increase) the full status of Palestinians in the countries membership organization in the world. Similarly, statements that generated the Arab League meeting in Qatar on Thursday (14 / 7).

"It has been decided to ask the UN to give recognition of a Palestinian state with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital. We also ask for full membership of the UN to give recognition to the Palestinians," Arab League said in a statement.

But the statement did not give a deadline which indicates the request is submitted at the UN General Assembly next September.

However, the Palestinian delegation said the Arab League has asked the Arab League committee to determine the date.

Full membership status in the UN Security Council requires approval (DK), in which the allies of Israel-United States-has vowed to veto any resolution related to this issue.

Palestinian-who currently holds the status of "observed" the UN-earlier promised to seek support for the UN in September to claim their sovereignty in the Gaza Strip and West Bank and East Jerusalem occupied by Israel ..

Arab League officially support the plan since last May. But when faced with opposition of Israel and several countries of the world, the Palestinians previously hinted would choose to raise the status of being "non-member countries", which requires only the approval of the UN General Assembly.

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