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Jul 14, 2011

North Koreans cover to England

SEOUL - An estimated 581 citizens of North Korea (North Korea) who rebelled have obtained asylum from the British Government.

According to data from the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), the number of applicants for asylum from North Korea to the United Kingdom was the largest. In Germany there are 146 of North Koreans obtain asylum, Netherlands 32, Australia and the United States (U.S.) respectively 25 and Canada 23 people. Total North Korean refugees as many as 917 people.

The refugees generally come to South Korea (ROK) first before they seek asylum in another country.

"It's very difficult for North Koreans to seek asylum in another country without first visit to South Korea, we are convinced at this time many North Koreans still living in the South," he disclosed the South Korean government told Chosun, Friday (15/7/2011 ).

Also reported, approximately 1000 North Koreans have asked for asylum in Britain since 2004.

A North Korean citizen named Kim Sung Mim explains, many North Koreans who wish to request asylum in the U.S., but the requirements for the U.S. is very strict. "They finally chose the UK," said Kim.

"The people of North Korea are also more interested in the UK because James Bondnya," said one of the other residents.

Several other North Koreans also said they prefer English because they want their children to learn English.

Insubordination North Koreans because they generally do not stand with the system in the country.

Residents felt unfettered and well insulated. North Koreans fleeing to South Korea last month also makes the relationship heats up North and South Korea.

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