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Jul 12, 2011

Cut Desperate Husband Wife Sex

CALIFORNIA - A woman from California now in custody because police had cut off her husband's penis and threw it away.

The husband who previously given drugs and then tied on the bed and his wife cut his penis.

California police spokesman Lt. Jeff Nightengale said that the drug is administered in the diet and are served to the victim.

Catherine Kieu Becker (48), then throw him into the penis and turn on the garbage processing machine tools.

As reported by the Huffington Post on Wednesday (13/07/2011), Becker contact the hospital immediately drove and found her husband bound and spend a lot of blood.

It is not yet known what causes Becker cut her husband's genitals with a 25 cm kitchen knife. But neighbors, Lourdes Painter, saying that both are currently undergoing the process of divorce.