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Jul 7, 2011

CR7 In Enchantment Irina Shayk

PORTO - When holiday this summer, where the photographer directing the camera shots to capture the charm of Cristiano Ronaldo? The answer is certainly not at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, let alone at the Camp Nou, because CR7 is engrossed in a beach vacation in Portugal.
If the competition was rolling, Ronaldo is more often found in the gym or stadium and the photographers usually vying to take pictures when processing the ball with a variety of styles.
But what if the situation Ronaldo is on vacation at the beach? What is clear, handsome 26-year striker did not wear uniforms Real Madrid-high socks plus nearly kissed the knees, chasing after the round leather.
All the activities that he leave. As reported Dailymail on Thursday (07/07/2011), Real Madrid star was caught on camera enjoying a vacation on a beach in Portugal with his girlfriend Irina Shayk.
That is not much different from the habits of Ronaldo on the field while dribbling, Ronaldo did not seem to want to let Irina far from reaching.
Of the three photos published Dailymail, one photo shows Ronaldo being joking with Russia's 25-year model, on the other hand photo muscular body Irina Ronaldo holds the bath on the beach with an intimate position.
Drunk couples in this romance seemed so harmonious. Ronaldo shows his charm to highlight the shape of an athletic badanya. Although fun on vacation, it looks like Ronaldo remain diligent to the gym to keep up appearances in order not already fat as Ronaldo Brazil alias van Nazario de Lima Ronaldo Luís.
While Irina cover her white skin with green bikini showing sexy curves nan slim. Though the Style Bistro, Irina had confessed to never go on a diet.
"I was never really a diet. I think people should be able to eat whatever she likes, and exercises to keep the shape, it does not matter whether the gym, swim, or just a walk in the park. That should be fun as positive emotions always make you beautiful. I am also someone who likes to practice in the gym, "said Irina share tips. Well, deserved to be stuck rich CR 7 stamps!

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