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Jun 9, 2011

Internet gathering popularity, Ads Switch to Online TV

CBS only show twice as many ads per event on the site. In fact, the CW network show four times as many ads. Dozens of events from the major cable networks will now be looking for online advertising as much as on TV.
Online audience is still small compared to the television but the number keeps growing. Networks hope, through more advertising, they could get as much money on TV. It really changes from the current online video first appeared.
When ABC enter full episodes online in 2006, fans can watch the play without seeing the ad series 'Lost' and 'Desperate Housewives' with a duration of 45 minutes.
Restricting advertising will prevent people from access to the site to watch pirated movies. Also, thanks to the internet, tv online can reach a new audience in a new place, such as college dorms and teenage bedrooms.
Now, when the online audience more and more, make more money opportunities arise. Video online has improved the past few years thanks to faster Internet connections and better technology.
These advances make people switch from regular TV and start watching it online.Some sites, like ABC and NBC began offering a variety of new episodes online homemade series.
Other networks offer online sports broadcasts. The latest, NBC of agreed to pay U.S. $ 4.4 billion (Rp37, 5 billion) to get the rights to broadcast the Olympics until 2020.Watch a favorite series in the computer course as it forces you to watch ads.
However, in this network, you can 'jump' the ad. For many, the convenience of watching whenever and wherever they make watching an online broadcast was not in vain.
"Now we have a model that makes the audience comfortable seeing on the Web or TV," says CBS's SVP of strategic development Zander Lurie. Unfortunately, the company did not give details of how much of their income for each format.
Broadcast network owned by CBS and Time Warner, CW, now featuring four ads in a certain interval, this number of ads on regular TV. For both networks, the online audience continues to grow and hinted, the audience seemed not to mind.
Examples of CBS and CW shows, big-budget TV production, at least, has the potential to rake in more money from the Internet if the audience suddenly shifted completely to online. Daily print and music company has also experienced a similar dilemma, has moved online.
Even so, the network still will get more money from TV ads than the Internet, mainly because online audiences are still relatively small. In addition, the network also still get a share of the monthly bill for subscription cable TV viewers.
Fast-growing online video. According to an online advertising company freewheel Media Inc., a total of nine billion people watch online videos from clients such as Fox, CBS and Turner over the last three months of 2010, this number increased by 50% from the previous quarter.
For networking, there are side benefits from the growth of online advertising. If the Internet viewers watched the show with the exact same ads colleagues another TV, this will be counted in the regular Nielsen ratings of TV viewers.
That is, when the network approached advertisers in each spring to sell commercial time for the sequence of upcoming events, they can add an online audience in the total amount and get more money. "This is very interesting. From the point of monetization, this is most effective, "said SVP Turner Broadcasting System Time Warner Jeremy Legg.