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Jun 9, 2011

Giggs is also Selingkuhi His brother's wife

It was not just Imogen Thomas who became 'victims' of Ryan Giggs, Manchester United veteran winger was also having an affair with the wife of his brother own.

Giggs was mentioned often play dirty with Natasha for 8 years, wife of Rhodri Giggs who was none other than his sister. This clearly is like a big shock for the family was from Wales.

Natasha indeed Giggs had dated when I was single, but when he was in fact already diperistri Rodri both often having forbidden love.

37-year-old midfielder is said to often met Natasha at the hotel since the first meeting when Natasha was still single in 2003. A friend of Natasha reveal love story is told The News Of The World.

Natasha's is associated with Giggs assess the brother-in-law was only for a purely sexual relationship, not a real love affair Natasha chill.

Meanwhile Rhodri who contacted The Sun said a sense of disappointment betrayed by his wife and sister also own. "Last Saturday I was with Natasha, but not anymore."

Rodhri One friend explained that, Rodri so disappointed and devastated by the humiliation of two men, Rhodri and Ryan's relationship is often up and down, but clearly this is like the lowest point of the two brothers.

Yesterday evening, aunt of Giggs, Joanna Wilson called his nephew who plays for the Red Devils as 'A * h * ng Dirty'.

"He's completely immoral, the first she had an affair with Imogen, but this time with the wife of her own sister, oh God!"

"Moreover, it has been running for so long, we all really can feel the pain being felt by Rhodri," close the aunt.