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Jun 19, 2011

Ayman al-Zawahiri The Substitute Osama

JAKARTA - After the death of Osama Bin Laden's military operations in the United States (U.S.) May 2, the reins of leadership of the Al Qaeda terrorist network becomes vacant.
But now Al Qaeda has determined pemimpinya and Ayman al Zawahiri pointed to as the number one man in Al Qaeda.
Ayman al-Zawahiri is now the boss of Al Qaeda, previously served as deputy of Osama bin Laden.
His position as deputy also simplifies itself to understand its partners, namely Osama in all its vision, mission and how it works as head of Al Qaeda.
Zawahiri was born on June 19, 1951 in the City of Maadi, Egypt. Maadi residents generally are moderate Muslims, but Zawahiri is one person who has a strong understanding of Islam. Uncle of Zawahiri himself was the Imam of Al Azhar University in Cairo. Thus was launched from the CFR, on Monday (6/20/2011).
One of the most influential Muslim leaders in the thinking of Sayyid Qutb, Zawahiri was killed at the gallows in 1966 ago. The ideas of Sayyid Qutb's struggles become embedded in the self-Zawahiri.
Qutb, an Egyptian citizen who lives in the U.S. in the early 1950s believed that Islamic countries can escape the influence of the west, through the fundamentals of Islam, holy war and became a martyr for his country.
As a Muslim, according to the Qutb should not only fight against the west, but also the western sympathizers who came to power in Egypt in particular and other Islamic countries.
Qutb himself was arrested and jailed in 1954 in an effort to plan the assassination of then Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser.
In 1966, Qutb was arrested and diekseskui for his involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian Government upanya tear down.
Qutb's radical ideas that change the view of Islam Zawahiri. He was soon to change and choose to defend the teachings of Islam through violence.
In 1978, Zawahiri was married to a man named Azza Ahmed Nowari. Zawahiri was blessed with four daughters from her marriage with Azza. Zawahiri was the fourth daughter Fatima, Umayma, Nabila and Khadiga. Besides her four daughters, Zawahiri also had one son named Muhammad.
Azza gave birth to her daughter that the fifth named Aisha, but Azza and Aisha died in November 2001 after the tragedy of 9 / 11, after bombarding Gardez U.S. which is the base of the Taliban. Azza dead buried ruins.