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Jun 19, 2011

Toddler Falls from 8th Floor stuck in AC Compressor

BEIJING - A new three-year-old boy is very lucky. Because he was rescued after falling from his apartment on the eighth floor.

Somehow the previous, unnamed infant was caught in the AC compressor on the seventh floor of the apartment.

A neighbor of the family toddler meceritakan that he heard voices shouting and crying of small children around the house. Then he had the poor baby was stuck behind the AC compressor. Then it was the neighbor to call for help and called the police to help rescue.

But before police arrived to help the citizens to be around the apartment also came to help the boy.

"I heard screams and cries. After I was looking for was the source of the sound of this apartment. So I immediately immediately to help these children," said Wang, sebagaiamana China News reported on Monday (6/20/2011).

One other witness, Miao, explaining that he suddenly heard a scream and when he looked up, he sees a child trapped behind the AC compressor, while his legs hanging. Miao then immediately help the child.

"And then some men appeared on the balcony on the 7th floor. One of them climbed up and arrested the boy's wrist," said Miao.

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