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Jun 22, 2011

Romanticism First Night

After the already frenzied feast .... After all the tensions that have been crossed during the wedding procession. Now both families are happy to stay alone in the bedroom.Feeling of happiness, emotion and fatigue jumbled in their minds. Feeling of happiness and emotion they finally officially become husband and wife. Fatigue and unseen because they have to prepare so many things about their wedding.The first night is the night ... he said ... the most awaited by every newlywed couple.The experience so far they only heard or read from books or other sources can now truly experience their own. A transition from "he said of people ..." to "oh it's turned out like this."Behind the sense not wait to enjoy the first night seems there are some things that should be considered by the king and queen this day.Physical PreparationAre you ready your physical condition? Especially the bride. The bride will usually be more tired than the groom. This is because they have to get up early, some even have to be awake at 3 am, to immediately go to the salon. Plus the previous night there is usually Widodaren event that lasted until the evening and still have to make final preparations so practical that night they only sleep about 3 hours. So it is better if the husband sees his wife's physical condition and ask before the "activity".Mental PreparationWhat about the mental and psychological preparation you? Are you really ready for it?Often times the first night of pleasure can not be felt because of the maximum mental and psychological unpreparedness of these newlyweds. If there is one that is not ready mentally and psychologically it should be discussed openly in order to attain a maximum togetherness.Your Knowledge Enough?Marital relationship for the newlyweds is a new field that needs to be studied further.Like you want to go to a destination, you've only just heard stories of people about the place. So you should equip themselves with adequate knowledge on this subject. This knowledge will serve as a compass that will help you achieve the correct direction and purpose. The husband should know that his wife had a different response. Men are much more easily "on" just by looking, while women need a longer time. By knowing this the husband will not be rushed.Do you have understood "errogenous zone" (part of the body that are sensitive to stimuli) of yourself and your partner? By preparing yourself properly then a husband will know when she is ready. As for the wife to find out whether her husband was ready or not necessarily so much easier, right??Do not Eat OverstatedThese suggestions are more addressed to the groom. Before enjoying the first night you should not eat too much (too full). If you eat too much then what happens is most of the blood will collect in your stomach to help digestion of food. The result will not be achieved "tension" maximum so it would be less fun.Enjoy The NaturalWith the development of technology nowadays, we tend to already have an idea of ​​how it's supposed to take place the first night. There is a newlywed who disappointed their first night because "unlike in the movie or VCD". Wow ... is certainly an approach that is less precise. What to watch on film and in VCD is the level of "advanced". And for those of you who "beginner" does require some time to get there. Especially the groom should not demand too much. So, take that first night as it is and enjoy the intimate.Well so are some things that should be considered for the newlyweds. If you've prepared it all ... ... .. HAPPY NEW EXPERIENCE travel!