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Jun 30, 2011

Nani: Engagement Barca Players Making Thinking

MANCHESTER - Portugal winger Luis Nani will stay at Manchester United. The statement dismissed rumors linking him to Barcelona.

Recent weeks, Nani can not be separated from the media speculation. Barca name arises because Nani is feared competition from new players United from Aston Villa's Ashley Young.

"Certainly today I would still stay in Manchester," said Nani told reporters when appearing in a promotional event in Almanda, as quoted Portugoal on Thursday (06/30/2011).

However Nani did not reject outright that she like other players also have great admiration towards Barcelona. But once again he stated there is currently thinking of moving the headquarters to Camp Nou.

"Interest in a club like Barcelona to make players think. But this time I was in the club of the world, I am happy and I do not think to go, "he continued.

"I've been playing for Manchester for several years and played with high-quality players, so the arrival of players like Ashley Young will not intimidate me. I never played with Ronaldo and do not be intimidated. "

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