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Jun 28, 2011

Smoking Secretly, Floating Life

LONDON - A passenger train died, after falling from a train when I want to smokesecretly to escape detection officers. His body was found entangled in a tragic train in England.

Body of man who predicted 52-year-old was discovered under the train the Bucks,England. He is believed to be trying to smoke by opening the emergency door inforce between the Metropolitan Line Tube train carriage. So reported the Daily Mail, Tuesday (28/06/2011).

Police said his body had fallen between the train carriages on the connection as the train traveled between regions Chorleywood Herts and Bucks Chesham area. The bodies are expected to be dragged in the train who was driving 120 kilometers perhour.

The discovery of the bodies is known as a British Rail worker doing routine checks onthese fast trains. Earlier train drivers was rumored that a passenger fell off the wagonon Monday, June 27 pm local time.

Due to the discovery of this body, the train operation was suspended on a track that is near the train station Buckinghamshire. The victim was killed by his own confirmedthe accident and is not suspected as an act of murder.

It is known after found evidence of smoking in the train carriages near the connectionwhere the victim was found. Police also warned other passengers to think twice if you want to smoke on the train.