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Jun 22, 2011

Creating Atmosphere Honeymoon at Home

You can just create a romantic atmosphere at home without the need to go out of town. By practicing these ten ways you can enjoy a honeymoon (read this and this) the second, third, fourth at home without having to wait for time off to be a honeymoon. Clean your house so that seems different than usual and you can change the order of seats in the house, preparing dinner in the park if possible. Buy some fresh flowers and place it in some places for example at the dinner table, family room, etc. or when the plant flowers in your home, you can use it without buying. Prepare a special meal such as steak or other favorite foods that you can enjoy by candlelight. you can go to the record store to buy a CD that contains songs both romantic and you can try doing a dance or if you do not like music, borrow romantic movies you can watch alone. Turn off your phone and do more thinking about unfinished work at the office for the schedule you have agreed together. Use sexy outfit you have. Give each other a sensual massage. You can take turns massaging my back, arms and legs wife / husband. you can go to the tourist attractions in your town or to places just for a romantic dinner at the five-star hotel such as meals or if you are in Bali, Jimbaran is a romantic place in which you can eat seafood under the moonlight on the beach and candlelight. If you're happy to be a good hotel, you can both relax in the hotel lobby while listening to music or dinner at the hotel so you will feel a different atmosphere than usual. Dress like you want to party. you can call your husband at work and convey messages of love with him, and for a husband at home may buy flowers or chocolates or other favored wife.