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Jun 10, 2011

Two blast hits residence Khadafi Close

Two loud explosions rocked the area near the residence of Libyan leader MuammarGaddafi on Wednesday (8 / 6) evening local time. Thus expressed an AFPcorrespondent who witnessed the blast.

The first explosion rocked the center of the capital city of Libya, Tripoli, approximatelyat 20:00 GMT. Only 15 minutes later heard a strong explosion near a hotel housingforeign journalists.

A spokesman for Gaddafi's regime, Mussa Ibrahim, said the troops of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to hit the capital of Libya with more than 60bombs on Wednesday ago, killing 31 people and wounding dozens more.

Ibrahim Mussa also said the raid-raid was targeted at Gaddafi's residence in centralTripoli. Including, the road to the airport south of the capital.

Gaddafi's residence complex has been blown up on a regular basis since the beginning of an international military intervention in Libya on March 19 last. In fact,foreign troops had leveled most buildings in Bab al-Aziziya Complex.

Earlier in Brussels, Belgium, the defense ministers of NATO member states sueGaddafi resign. "Time works against Gaddafi, who has clearly lost all legitimacy andtherefore the need to withdraw," the ministers said in a statement after talks onNATO's operations in Libya that has lasted nearly three months.

"There is no future for a regime that systematically threaten and attack its ownpeople," they said. On the other hand, the Gaddafi government officials did notproperly declare its government to fight and kill their own people, let alone by usingmercenaries.