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Jun 14, 2011

Police Malaysia Singapore strip 2 Women

KUALA LUMPUR - A total of two Singaporean woman who was driving to New Johar was arrested by immigration officers. They were handcuffed, put into prison and stripped.

The incident that they experienced when they were caught because his passport was not stamped by Malaysian immigration party. They detained 48 hours in New Johar before eventually deported to Singapore.

"We think this is a small thing, we did not expect treatment like this would happen," said one woman named Chang, as quoted from straitstimes, Tuesday (14/06/2011).

Chang is about 30-year-old drive to New Johar with her ​​friend 20-year-old Lim.

Lim driving a new car he bought. When the incident took place, Lim Lim first time driving in Malaysia.