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Jun 9, 2011

Erupted, the IMF chief Arrest Conspiracy Theories

In John-Grisham-meets-Ian-Fleming-type tones, the international press and blogosphere to quickly jump to life with a theory about how and whether the head of the International Monetary Fund has been established in the fall.
After all, the reason for recording Strauss-Kahn, or DSK, because the world is watching the news for mengengetahuinya more clearly. Socialist candidates is the main challenger to drop the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and even expected to win elections more easily.
Roll through the reputation of famous people with her game, and get better for a plausible story that he could perform sexual violence in a hotel room in New York where he lived, where his political enemies were lying in wait with a plan to destroy it .
"I believe it is an international conspiracy," said Michelle Sabban, a supporter of Strauss-Kahn and senior council for the Paris region's largest, "said a report in The (UK) Telegraph." It's not like him. Everyone knows that the weakness is the seduction, women .. That's how they get him (Strauss-Kahn. "
One of the most popular source of the conspiracy came to interview her blocks giving the French paper Liberation on 28 April, that he expected the enemy would use against her associates. In the sheet, as quoted by the Business Insider and elsewhere, Strauss-Kahn admitted three disadvantages, namely money, women and keyahudiannya.
Elsewhere, the scandal, although the international nuances, viewed as purely American. "The modern American society is sick," angry voice of a Russian bloc. "And the diagnosis -. It is political correctness. So, a private scheme against the wealthy foreigners who make sense of what happened with Strauss-Kahn. "
Strauss-Kahn has asked well-known lawyer Benjamin Brafman to become head of the defense team. Benjamin also had defended the case of Hollywood artists like Michael Jackson and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.
Alibi Strauss-Kahn is expected to be able to work better than in the case of Jackson and Combs is that he had left the hotel before the attack. But the conspiracy theory will not prove so easy, especially given the early indications of more and more women have involvement with the IMF staff. "This is really a hallucination If true, this would be a historic moment. But in a negative sense, to French political life," said Dominique Paille, to whom The Telegraph identification as a political enemy Strauss-Kahn told BFM television. "I hope everyone respect the presumption of innocence. I can not imagine to believe this affair.

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