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Jun 17, 2011


Bugil Bugil Bersama Beluga Whale - FaceLeakz - She accepted the challenge naked dive naked under sea water to tame the two beluga whales in the unique and controversial experiment.
She is Natalia Avseenko, 36, was persuaded to nude naked as disaran by oceanographers who believe that the beluga does not like being touched by man-made materials such as wetsuits.
The Russian divers are diving in naked naked where the water temperature reaches minus 1.5 degrees Celsius

The beauty of the world: One view of where Natalia Avseenko swam nude together nude fish Arctic beluga beluga UtaraPaus renowned for its ability to convey expression like humans. Of course, the pope named Nilma Matrena and seemed happy to play with Natalia.
Taming whales occur in Murmansk Oblast region in the far north-west Russia in the White Sea coast (White Sea) near the Arctic Circle branch of dophinarium Utrish.
Natalia areas where diving is a stopping place for whales and dolphins out used by trainers to tame the mammals before they are transported to dolphinariums around the world - an animal conservation practices which many regard it as cruel.
Take a breath under water: scientists are using yoga techniques to hold my breath until ten minutes when Natalia asked to have some fun with the pope named Nilma and Matrena it.

The beauty in the water: The Pope waited for Natalia that nude naked under the water temperature below zero degrees Celecius enough to kill most people within five menit.Rata average person could die if left to diving with sea water sub-zero temperatures for five minutes .
However, Natalia is an expert yoga and meditation techniques he uses to hold my breath and stay under water for ten minutes 40 seconds.
There are about 100,000 beluga whales in the wild. The first pope contained in captivity indicated at Barnum Museum, New York, in 1861. There is also a beluga whale at the aquarium and marine park live in Europe, North America and Asia.
Various 'facial expressions' beluga whales from their bone structure is more flexible than other whales. Of course the pope smiled broadly met Natalia a nude naked.

Rare space: Natalia Meeting with the pope takes place in the sea area which is the place to stop the whales and dolphins out of their zone

Rare Space Objects: Natalia meeting with the pope takes place in the sea area which is the place to stop the whales and dolphins out of their zone.

Mimic human expression: the beluga has a 'facial expressions' like humans because the bone structure is more flexible.

Smile: Expression of beluga whales face width defined by the big smile has been a hit in aquariums around the world.

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