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Jun 16, 2011

Indonesia Admits U.S. Navy Capable High

JAKARTA - Many people doubted the ability of the Indonesian military, especially the Navy.
This view of the piracy cases are accompanied by an experienced hostage freighter belonging to Indonesia, many people who judge Indonesian Navy has no capability qualified.
But this was denied by the U.S. Seventh Fleet Commander Marshal Scott Van Buskirk Laksamada. Himself assess the Indonesian navy fleet has a high kapabalitas.
"Indonesian Navy choose a high capability. There is a possibility to participate AL Indonesian anti-piracy task force of sea, "said Van Buskirk Laksdya when meeting with reporters at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (06/16/2011).
"Indonesia should be proud of the achievement reached in the Straits of Malacca. Handling in the region rose higher than previous years. How to handle even won praise from many countries, "said Buskirk.
Indonesia to increase security in the Malacca Strait by cooperating with countries that use the Strait of Malacca. "The handling of security carried out in the Straits of Malacca a security module that appreciated around the world," he said the three-star generals.
"Sharing information is one way to enhance the capabilities of each fleet. Through training of all the challenges can be faced both forces. With the exchange of information, all obstacles can be eliminated, "he said.
While the provision of weapons, Van Buskirk has not been explained clearly. It recognizes that today's most important cooperation is the provision of training. One concrete example is an exercise carried out afloat Cooperation Readiness and Training (CARAT).
Exercise CARAT 17th itself is already underway on 25 May. The exercise involved 1600 soldiers and marines navy. This exercise also involves three U.S. warships, the USS Tortuga, USS Howard and USS Reuben James.

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