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Jun 12, 2011

JFK Killed Because of the UFO?

According to writer William Lester, he managed to reveal this when doing research for his new book about JFK. He found JFK to the CIA memo written request containing confidential information about UFOs.
In a confidential memo dated 12 November 1963 who have never seen it, the president of the United States (U.S.), it ordered the director of the CIA set up intelligence documents concerning UFOs. In ten days after giving the order, JFK was murdered.
The document that has just appeared this could heat the eternal flame that surrounds the death of U.S. president. However, Is this the original document?
Lester is also the paranormal researcher and author of new book "A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and Cew Frontier" (Wasteland Press, 2010), said he and two other people got this memo from the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act.
"The government regularly 'announce' secret documents after a certain period of time, and you can apply to get the document," said Lester. When making a request, the documents had just been classified and released to the public, he added. This happened in 2006-2007.
"At that moment, I feel people are ready to receive this information." This secret memo does not spread apart in the books Lester and some archivists began to doubt the authenticity of this document. Research Technician JFK Library in Boston who did not want to be named could not find a carbon copy of this document in the presidential archives contain copies of all letters JFK.
"We did research on the president's letters in an attempt to find evidence of 12 November 1963 letter to CIA Director John McCone had," said the technician.Despite the fact JFK storing all carbon copies of his letters, including a secret. "In the document in the office of president, the documents the CIA, NASA and National Security, there was no evidence of this memo." In addition, this memo does not seem like a secret memo written another Kennedy.
"There are strange things in this document," said the technician. Memo is 'cleaned' in a very strange place, namely the name of the director, the top title of the document and then prints 'Secrets' on the top of the letter. Secret items are usually stamped with a large dark ink on the letter, he continued
Lester claims, this memo is the 'missing link' in a conspiracy theory around any other document in which many other conspiracy theorists think this memo shows, the CIA killed Kennedy to prevent his involvement in the 'closure' secret UFO.
However, both this document and its conclusions may be suspect. This document is called 'burned memo' is given on the outskirts of the media in 1999 by an anonymous source who claimed a former CIA agent.
The man who allegedly pembocor said, he worked for the CIA in 1960-1974 and attractive memo that was never verified their authenticity by experts from the fire burning when the institution was the most sensitive documents.
In a 'memo on fire', the director of the CIA then allegedly wrote, "Lancer (CIA code name for JFK) to make some questions about our activities and this can not be tolerated. Send your views at the latest in October. Follow quickly needed to maintain the continuation of this group. "
Lester said the new memo proves, JFK really investigate the CIA's intelligence about UFOs, and the CIA may have taken steps 'to prevent it'. "If Kennedy gets control at this problem from NASA or the CIA, who could guarantee he would not reveal this secret information on U.S. citizens?" Said Lester.
Given most historians believe 'burned memo' is false, the connection secret CIA plot to kill JFK was appropriate. Or, if 'burned memo' is false and emerging original memo, there are some very logical reasons why JFK wrote.
Lester sure, the president interested in the UFO intelligence for three reasons. First, Lester says, Kennedy feared Soviet UFO regarded as the U.S. aircraft which berindak provocative.
It's like writing lines (allegedly) Kennedy. "It's important to distinguish between known and unknown to the Soviets who tried to blame the extension of our cooperation as a cover intelligence gathering their defense or space program."
Second, Kennedy's investigation could have an interest in the president's travel into space. Referring to the time of writing this memo (NASA is still a new entity) Lester explains. "The whole question about outer space and extraterrestrial life becomes the main thought of all people."
Third, then, there is a natural concern about UFOs caused by increased incidents regarded as visions. In 1960, almost all people interested in UFOs, including JFK, NASA, CIA and citizens.