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Jun 16, 2011

Indonesia-US Have The Same Problem in Maritime Security

JAKARTA - Indonesia as an archipelagic country has a vast sea territory. The extent of the region must be coupled with maritime issues that hit. United States (U.S.) also experienced similar things.

At least this is expressed by the U.S. Seventh Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Scott Van Buskirk in a meeting with reporters at the Shangrila Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (06/16/2011).

"U.S. Navy and Indonesia have the same maritime issues, ranging from piracy, illegal fishing, to the violation of boundaries," said Van Buskirk Laksamada Madya.

Regarding this issue, three-star general said the importance of cooperation to overcome these problems.

"We are committed to working together as training. Exercises such as how to deal with pirates, including the sharing of knowledge about the skill of the two forces, "he continued.

According to Van Buskirk, all training is done to enhance the capabilities of each fleet. This training course will be able to boost the capability of providing security and stability in the sea area between the two countries.

Admiral Van Buskirk also considered important for regional cooperation in dealing with maritime issues such as robbery. This view of ASEAN cooperation in dealing with piracy occurring on their territory.

He saw a regional perspective is very important in the fight against pirates. This became the catalyst for the U.S. Navy and Navy ASEAN countries to work together.