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Jun 16, 2011

Greek Prime Will Destroy Cabinet

ATHENS - Prime Minister (PM) Greece George Papandreou tried to get approval from parliament to overhaul the cabinet. Papandreou launched this idea after coalition talks with the opposition failed.

Announcement of a Cabinet reshuffle after such negotiations Papandreu expressed during demonstrations rocked Athens.

"This country is facing a critical time," said PM Papandreou, as quoted by the AAP on Thursday (06/16/2011).

Opposition parties had earlier urged that Papandreou resigned his position. Meanwhile, opposition and Papandreou's talks came amid confusion between police and demonstrators.

The protesters smashed a luxury hotel in the city, the police threw tear gas into the protesters.

More than 60 people were injured, including 36 police officers.

Papandreou is currently struggling to restore his good name and in that moment, the political parties experienced upheaval in the government.

Of the 300 MPs, only five people who support the proposal called for Papandreou. One of his deputies had defected.