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Jun 9, 2011

Emergency Kian Syrian Revolution, The fall Victim

Syrian troops have killed at least 11 civilians and injuring dozens of others when quell protests against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, on Sunday (29 / 5). Government troops supported by tanks firing heavy weapons in the city Talbisah and Rastan, and in some village near Homs.

This estate is the latest population center since they attacked the military attacked the parties who are dissatisfied with the autocratic government of President Assad. Turmoil in Syria with a population of 23 million people has lasted more than 10 weeks.

According to Razan Zaitouna, one of the activist human rights defenders in Syria, a number of killings occurred in cities around Talbisah and Rastan and rural Homs. "As many as eight civilians were killed," said Zaitouna, Monday (30 / 5).

"We have troops all over the region Talbisah. They break into houses and arresting people," said one resident in the city with a population of 60,000 inhabitants that, when interviewed by telephone. The explosion of bombs and bullets whistling echoed in the distance.

Syria's official news agency said four members of the security forces were killed in Talbisah when capturing an armed terrorist group to be detained and brought to justice.

Talbisah which is located about 10 kilometers north of Homs is the third largest city of Syria, which has been under siege tanks since early this month. Government troops have also occupied the main square in Homs to avoid scenes similar to what happened in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen, when the people demand reform.

Some witnesses who claim to have growing violence in Syria along with the emergence of an official report that undermines the government version of their recognition. It is difficult to verify independently because the government banned most international media to cover in the country, since the start of riots in March.