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Jun 14, 2011

Afghanistan's Most Dangerous Countries For Women

LONDON - Violence, difficulties in access to health, and poverty is rampant making Afghanistan into the most dangerous country for women. Similarly, the Congo, a country that many incidents of rape in it.

Pakistan, India and Somalia was in third place, four and five as a country full of acts of domestic violence, gender discrimination and mutilation.

"NATO airstrikes and local culture make Afghanistan a country that is harmful to women," said Chairman of the Organization of Women Women Change Maker Antonella Notari told Reuters on Wednesday (06/15/2011).

"In addition, women are critical or important positions in society and often call for gender equality, are routinely threatened or even killed," he added.

The survey was conducted by Trustlaw who conducted a survey to 213 observers. Health threats, sexual violence and non-sexual, cultural and religious factors, difficulties in access to information and people-smuggling measures, it is harmful to women.

"If a woman does not have access to good health because he was not neglected, this is the most dangerous thing for him," said Elisabeth Roesch, an activist with the International Rescue Committee in Washington.