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Sep 16, 2011

Two Planets Discovered by the Sun

New York: A group of scientists from the United States a few days this terakir discover new planets orbiting two stars. NHK News to proclaim, Friday (16 / 9), the planet is located about 200 light-years from Earth that has certain advantages regarding the existence of two suns.

  Researchers from the SETI Institute in California, United States, found that the planet is by analyzing the data sent from the Kepler space telescope. Kepler planet called spinning 16-b in the two stars every 229 days.

  The scientists explain these telescopes can detect a binary star system by analyzing small changes in light when the planets and stars overlap. They say the temperature of the planet's minus 73 degrees Celsius or below standard, so the conclusion is almost no possibility of life there.

  DailyTech proclaim, one of the great sun in the new planet 70 percent the size of the sun on earth. While the sun is only a 20 percent smaller size than the source of the solar system on earth.

  The discovery of the planet was actually ever told in a science fiction film Star Wars. Planet called Tatooine in Star Wars originally only considered as a flower bed by the filmmakers. However, some scientists believe that the science fiction can sometimes become a reality.

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