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Sep 20, 2011

Stolen Necklace Titanic Exhibition in Denmark during

TIVOLI - A necklace belonging to a passenger ship Titanic has been stolen from an exhibition in Denmark. Gold-plated necklace is an important part of the temporary appearance of artifacts from the sunken ship is now on display in the park Tivoli Copenhagen.

Now police are investigating the Tivoli identity of a thief. Local government has also provided competition for anyone who can find the thief or can find the necklace. Then it will get the reward money of 1,000 euros.

Necklace is believed to belong to a first-class passengers from the United States, Eleanor Widener, who survived the sinking of the Titanic disaster in 1912 that. Sinking of the Titanic during her maiden voyage due to hit an iceberg that has led to 1500 passengers and crew were killed.

One spokesperson at the Tivoli, Torben Planks, said at the time of the theft of a necklace protective glass was not broken. Security alarm did not ring. He also added that the incident is a very unnatural.

Owner exhibition, Luis Ferreiro, said the necklace was offered for 14,000 euros. Although, he also admits that the necklace may not be sold over the numbers that have been spent to buy the necklace because it is not known.

"It's a very important part. Artifact story of someone who was on the ship that has sunk over the past decades," he told The Associated Press.

Eleanor Widener, owner of the necklace, comes from the Widener family. They are a fairly wealthy family and is very influential in America.