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Sep 15, 2011

Look out! Watching Cartoons Deplete Memory Toddlers

Often turned out to watch a cartoon pickle could harm the ability of children to concentrate and solve puzzles based on logic. Worse yet, some studies say these bad habits can damage their short-term memory.

Research conducted by several scientists from the University of Virginia in the USA involves 64 children who were randomized and divided into three groups.

One group was asked directly watch nine minutes of the popular cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants, where adeganya changes occur on average every 11 seconds.

The other group watched cartoons specialize in education with an average scene changes every 34 seconds, while the last group is devoted to drawing.

After that 64 children then are required to complete various tests. The first, the test puzzles, and a second test is a test to follow the instructions.

The result, seen groups of children who previously were asked to watch cartoons more slowly completing a variety of tests, when compared with the group who watched cartoons are slow and the group draw.

"This trial showed the children showed a very poor performance after seeing the cartoons. There are even finding supported other studies that found long-term effects of these negative facts," concludes one researcher Dr. Angeline Lillard.

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