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Sep 9, 2011

HP Releases Four New All in One

JAKARTA - HP launches four new desktop PCs, such as the HP Touchsmart 320, HP TouchSmart520, Omni 120 and Omni 220.
"The popularity of the computer all-in-one continued to show improvement and the contribution of HP to the development of the internet of this type on the market is quite impressive," said Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Personal Systems Group, HP. HP, said Todd, will continue to add portfolio especially for the PC all-in-one Windows-based, by introducing innovations that have a high value and useful for customers.
HP TouchSmart320 has the sophistication of a 20-inch display and HP TouchSmart520 sail 23-inch PC is designed for customers who want to realize the touch screen and multimedia experience. TouchSmart series shows a variety of applications designed specifically for touch screen and full HD screen that can be placed anywhere and can be set slope, and able to become a viable tuk put anywhere.
The shape is designed to be very minimalist and elegant given the space between the monitor and the base of a buffer so that it can be used to store the keyboard when not in use. Some of its features are able to optimize the use of touch screen technology to run applications for Facebook and Twitter, as well as applications such as HP's exclusive RecipeBox, webcam and music
Users will also be facilitated to access Windows applications, desktop icons and applications specifically for the touch screen within the same desktop. By scrolling the desktop can be extended horizontally through the Magic Canvas is available in TouchSmartf, users can easily obtain the computing experience as they want by doing drag & drop files and their favorite applications on the carousel TouchSmart.
Users are also permitted to explore the content and programs from a PC notebook to the Magic Canvas linkup with the HP TouchSmart Technology in order to deliver a more satisfying experience, easier and more productive.
For his series HP offers two choices, Omni120 and Omni220. Both also offer desian minimalism with metallic base that makes the display look elegant, and neat.
Omni120 with 20-inch diagonal screen and 21.5-inch diagonal sail Omni220 offer adequate storage, integrated speakers and HP's screen is very clear which makes digital entertainment more fun look.
This series includes HP technology linkup that will make users more satisfied and interact with the content of the notebook PC via the Omni PC. These changes will also be stored directly in the notebook that posed no problems transferring files
Omni120 PCs have hard drives up to 750GB capacity with a choice of the latest processors from AMD or Intel. Omni120 PCs expected to be available from mid-September in the Asia Pacific and Japan with a starting price of 399.99 U.S. Dollars. While Omni220 released at a starting price of 799.99 U.S. Dollars.
TouchSmart320 offered at a starting price of 599.99 U.S. Dollars. While TouchSmartdilepas with a starting price of 899.99 U.S. Dollars.