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Sep 12, 2011

EU backs Palestinian

BRUSSELS - A lot of citizens of EU member states (EU) such as France, Germany and Britain urged governments to recognize the country to support the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The survey conducted by YouGov and Ifop for non-governmental organizations that pro-Palestinian. The survey showed 69 percent of French people, 71 percent of Germans and 59 Britons want the government in his country to recognize the existence of Palestine.

Palestinians are planning to renew their status at the United Nations (UN) observers of the country became a UN member.

The plan, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will deliver a speech in New York, United States (U.S.) on 23 September.

If the Palestinians get a confession, they will be able to directly join the other international organizations like the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

They could also potentially to destroy Israel for his treatment during this time.

"It's only the first step of a long road. Our aim requested recognition from other countries is not to attack anyone, but we aim to declare that Israel's illegal occupation," Palestinian negotiator said.

"When you get recognition, we do not believe Israel's settlement project will soon be discontinued and the crimes that Israel would never do stop. The difference will be felt is that Palestine will become members of the UN," he said.

Israel and the U.S. states, they will frustrate aid to Palestine if forward to request recognition.

Palestinians have long lived under Israeli control, and they also live miserable because Israel continues to build settlements on land the City of East Jerusalem that is scheduled to become the capital of Palestine. Not infrequently the rocket attacks between the two parties are popping up.