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Sep 8, 2011

Lying in Beds, Mubarak escorted to Court

CAIRO - The fifth stage of the trial that was held of former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, on Thursday (8 / 9).

In the footage aired on state television, Mubarak was taken by stretcher to the Police Academy, where the trial is ongoing. Two witnesses from testifying at a hearing of the Security Forces on Thursday.

According to state television, one of two witnesses blamed the former Interior Minister Habib El-Adly, and aides in the killing of members of the demonstrators during the 18-day uprising that led to the fall of Mubarak's rule in February.

The judge has also summoned the top leaders in the Military Supreme Council, while the ruler of Egypt. To confirm the role of the deposed leader was in the murder of its people.

When the trial was held again on Sunday (11 / 9) future, the court will hear the testimony of Marshal Mohammed Tantawi, Egypt's current ruler. "What is expected is that the Marshal's testimony on the ground. Also testimony Sami Anan (Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces) and the remaining witnesses, who will be cornering position Mubarak. Did he give the order to kill the protesters or not. And if he (Mubarak ) is guilty in the events of the revolution or not, "said Mohamed Mahmoud, a Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor).

Tantawi testimony in court to give him a chance to enhance his reputation in the face of public criticism which is currently growing, that the military is too close to the Mubarak regime.

It also gives a new seriousness to the court which has been deemed public are being drowned in the midst of confusion and accusations of perjury.

Mubarak is now 83-year-old on trial for allegedly interfering in the deaths of demonstrators. This trial session closed to the media and the public, and the judge has banned the Egyptian media to cover it, although the report was sourced from the leaked testimony.

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