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Sep 21, 2011

Give Obama Last bid on Palestine

New York: President of the United States publicly back Barack Obama warned the Palestinians to think twice about his intention in asking for recognition of the country before the UN Assembly. As reported by the Associated Press on Wednesday (21 / 9), Obama is trying to find a middle ground for both sides back to peace talks directly.

Obama is scheduled to hold a closed meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Obama argued that it takes at peace talks the two sides clashed, not the voice of the United Nations. It was taken in order to achieve the Palestinians benefit from the formation of his country. This of course invites disappointment with the decision of the President of the Palestinian Authority's Interior Adi, who actually asked for peace negotiations done.

The Obama administration has pledged to agree to any offer of a Palestinian state. U.S. officials acknowledge that they can not prevent Mahmoud Abbas to move forward in asking for a full Palestinian membership in the UN Security Council.

Obama is scheduled to meet with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session the next day. Separate meetings are also scheduled to be held Obama with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.