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Sep 13, 2011

Rintis Dacia Car Sales Online

JAKARTA - Dacia, Renault's French subsidiary, today this week will test their vehicle sales by means online.

Dacia spokesman told AFP that the trial would be carried out in Italy then went to other countries in Europe.

During this time customers can only obtain information and Dacia models incorporate official web site of the vehicle but did not purchase online.

"Now, with 15 clicks, you have to complete the transaction smoothly," said Renault's marketing chief, Steve Norman.

The applicants must first open an account with a payment of 500 euros and then fill out a form and then choose a dealer to take payments before making payment transactions.

In the first stage provides only two types of Dacia Sandero for online purchases, the spokesman said.

The trial in Italy takes a long time between six months and one year, after that how to purchase online will be extended to other countries.

There are currently no plans to sell Renault vehicles online, says Norman.

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