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Sep 5, 2011

Military Convoy Caught Skip Libya Niger

Niamey - a large convoy of Moammar Gaddafi loyalists troops reportedly arrived in the Libyan desert border and entered the Niger region. Forces loyal to the rule Gaddafi is reportedly already in the city of Agadez.

The convoy consists of several dozens of trucks carrying troops fully armed Gaddafi loyalists. The arrival of loyalist troops Gaddafi was witnessed directly by the owner of the newspaper Agadez Info Abdoulaye Harouna.

Based on the information Horouna, leader of the convoy is Rissa ag Boula, a citizen of Niger Tuareg rebels more than decade ago launched a failed rebellion in Niger. Boula reportedly fought desperately to defend against Gaddafi. So reported the Associated Press on Tuesday (01/06/2011).

Can not be ascertained whether the convoy, including from family members or officials of the Gaddafi regime that crushed opposition forces ousted by the National Transition Council (NTC).

Gaddafi is known to often include a battalion of the Tuareg in action attacking the opposition. Tuareg Battalion is known very close to the Gaddafi regime.

It is unclear whether the Government of Niger will hunt down the Gaddafi loyalists troops, given African country is among the countries providing support to troops yag NTC.

Although Gaddafi is very popular in the city of Agadez, was not clear whether he is now crossing into Niger. Previously, based on recent information, Gaddafi reportedly still in the city of Libya.

The former ruler was in control in Libya for 42 years, is believed to still be in the city of Sirte. The city is the hometown of Gaddafi. NTC own troops reportedly still conducting the siege of that city.