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Sep 22, 2011

Ghosts Appear on Locations Filming Drama Love Recipe

Teen drama that very phenomenon in Taiwan, Love Recipe, and began airing in the country on September 4 and then make a scene about the existence of a ghost sighting.

In a report handed down by the magazine Next, Thursday (09/22/2011), in promoting the photo drama actor Kenji Wu is seen leaning against his car and behind the figure of women caught on camera looking towards the camera. The crew had to make sure if the car is not there a single person taking the photo session took place.

Kenji who contacted reporters to say she felt unwell and nausea immediately after find out if the ghost appears in the car where he leaned back and do a kiss scene with actress Ivlyn Li.

He confessed while in the car that hit his back adan. "When I turned around no one but me," while adding he heard the words, "no," whispered into his ear.

"After that I felt unwell and nauseous," said Kenji. But Kenji manager says if this is a sign that it will filming the drama is very interesting because the ghost was interested in watching it.