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Sep 17, 2011

Counterfeit Astrologer in Action, Fuck Patient and Make Money

A husband and wife was furious and destroy workplace fake fortune-teller outside of a temple of Goddess Kwan Im in Singapore. They were furious after they learned that the fortune teller who should treat their daughter even slept with his daughter.

The forecaster who identified overweight and 30-year-old couple who had deceived an 50-year-old and slept with their daughter in his 20s with a purpose to drive out demons.

The couple had a daughter who was ill and went to the temple to ask for help by healing his son. Not long after they were approached and offered her astrologer to help her daughter.

The couple was surprised when the astrologer to tell if they have a daughter who was ill and said that if his son owned the devil and should be treated immediately. The forecasters then treat it in the couple's home and slept with his daughter's.

These couples then pay the fortune-teller to 200 Singapore dollars as gratitude. for giving aid but in fact it was revealed when her daughter slept in the fortune-teller with a mask to treat. In the angry condition, the pair is destroyed after the stall where she was found to predict the fortune-teller who has fled. A number of forecasters who were at the scene said the man was an impostor and not know about the prediction.