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Sep 7, 2011

Obama Predicted Down Throne

WASHINGTON - Support the people of the United States against the President (U.S.), Barack Obama slipped derastis as much as 50 percent. This is the most high-slump during the leadership of Barack Obama.

The conclusion was the result of a survey of Wall Street Journal, recently published. Meanwhile, 44 percent still want Obama's other votes remain the President.

Surveys conducted by the Washington Post also memperluhatkan similar things, half of 100 percent of the vote showed his disappointment with President Obama.

Wall Street Journal also considering a new leading candidate of the Republican Party (U.S.) which is likely to surpass Obama.

"Obama is no longer an option for Americans to play will win the next election," said a Democratic Party supporter who conducted the survey Peter D. Hart.

Previous survey conducted on August 15, Gallup also showed a decrease of derastis will support Obama by 40 percent. Many residents are not satisfied with Obama's performance in terms of economy.

U.S. society also said the U.S. economy in the era of Obama's leadership is extremely deteriorated.