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Sep 13, 2011

20 Sect Members Arrested Sex U.S.

PHOENIX - Police in Arizona, United States (U.S.) arrested 20 members of a sex cult called the "goddess Temple". The sect is accused of offering sexual services online under the guise of service to religion.

Authorities conducting undercover to dismantle the unauthorized action of this, expect to do more of the other arrests. Reportedly 17 other suspects are still wanted by the community related to the disturbing sect.

For more than six months past the goddess Temple group continues an investigation by the investigators. While the raid on the sect reached its peak in Phoenix on 7 September.

In addition to Phoenix, the authorities also managed to catch this cult practice in Sedona, Northern Arizona. The region is known as a fairly famous tourism city in Arizona.

Parties investigators attempted to collect evidence from women followers and men of this sect. They admitted having sex with dressing donation, as part of religious rituals.

Among the followers of this sect which is ditangakap, Goddess Temple founder Tracy Elise. He was already a target of the security in Washington since 2009.

Elise had previously sought by police since the network opened a brothel in Seattle. After the brothel does not operate anymore, Elise opened the Goddess Temple sect.

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