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Aug 3, 2011

Sadistic! Perpetrators Victims of Rape in the Bathroom in Space Karaoke Sency

Sadistic! Perpetrators Victims of Rape in the Bathroom in Space KaraokeSency. In this condition because of liquor drunk, KI (23) raped the PT (19) in a karaoke Senayan City, Central Jakarta. Rape occurs in the bathroom in thekaraoke room.

"Kan ininya (raped) in the bathroom in it. Invisible Criminal Police said AKBPWord Central Jakarta when contacted journalists.

The Word says, karaoke is quite the family karaoke. Police have not examinedthe relevant karaoke manager of CCTV in the room.

"Not yet. We have not been that way. Manager's check has not karaoke. Wefocus on the examination of suspects and witnesses, "he explained.

According to the Word, there are four people who come to the karaoke. They consist of 3 men and 1 woman. When rape occurs, the condition of his fourthdrunk liquor. Based on the confessions of suspects, PT only raped by one person.

"KI admission alone just the same. His friend has not been examined, "he said.

Word also denied the reconstruction of this rape case. According to the Word,there is no reconstruction in cases of rape.