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Aug 24, 2011

Head Gaddafi appreciated Rp14 M

Tripoli - Libya The opposition said it would give a prize of 1 million pounds or approximately Rp14 billion (Rp13, 988 per pound) to anyone who can tell where the number one in Libya Moammar Gaddafi.

The announcement was delivered simultaneously with the oath of loyalists. Gaddafi vowed to continue to provide resistance to the opposition forces. Two businessmen from Bengazhi reportedly willing to help deliver the ransom money.

In addition the Chairman of the National Transition Council Abdel Jalil provide amnesty for people who are in the circle in Gaddafi if captured or cut off his head.

"NTC announced that anyone who is close to Gaddafi had been killed or arrested, the public will give forgiveness for the crimes he made," said Abdel Jalel.

Since Tripoli fell to the opposition, the existence of Khadafi to date unknown. "We estimate he is still hiding in Tripoli. Maybe he was hiding in the area of Al Hadhba Al Khandra," explained an official at the NTC.

Previously the opposition managed to get into the residence of Kadhafi in Bab Al Aziziya. They confiscated a variety of weapons and destroying symbols Gaddafi.

Abdul Jalil also believes Gaddafi along with his troops will continue to fight. "Forces Gaddafi will not give up until he was captured or killed," said Abdul Jalil.

"Resistance will only stop if he was caught alive or dead," said Abdul Jalil.

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