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Aug 11, 2011

Native Deen, Nasyid Group Origin Americans with Nuance Hip-Hop

JAKARTA - Various types of music in Indonesia Islamic nuanced sound familiar to our ears. Most musicians use the pop music genre or malay to color the lyrics of Islamic nuances.

In contrast to one of the nasyid group from the United States, Native Deen. Manned by three young African-American children namely, Abdul Malik, Naeem Muhammad, and Joshua Salaam. They combine the lyrics with a touch of Islamic hip-hop flow is viscous.

Native Deen formed in 2000 and started his professional career in the music industry with a mission to change the paradigm of the Muslims in the United States as a religion of peace.

The name Native Deen had heard in Europe, the Middle East even to the Asian continent. They are the mainstay hits, 'Not Afraid To Stand Alone,' 'Muslim' and music-themed month of Ramadan, entitled "Ramadan Is Here '.