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Oct 19, 2011

Oops ... After Pain, Organ Suddenly Changed so Intimate Woman Taiwan 'Parts' Men

TAIWAN - Daily Sin Chew Daily reported a very unusual phenomenon. A Taiwanese woman visited a gynecologist for treatment and ask how to handle the problem, after her intimate organs growing two testicles, which can not be found in a woman's genitals.

34-year-old woman who was not identified previously been in trouble with her ​​menstrual cycle. When checked, he did not have a uterus like a normal woman, but the growth of the two testicles.

He admitted during the past few days, she experienced pain that is extraordinary in her intimate parts of the organ. After the pain subsided very unusual, she found two lumps, like testicles.

Until now, the disease is still handled the local hospital. "It's a complicated puzzle," said the doctor in charge.