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Oct 17, 2011

Cheating, Husband Wife Sex Wear Scissors Cut

A female bear to cut off her husband's genitals with scissors and throw it into the river after she learned that her husband cheated on and hurt her feelings. Thus was launched the police in Taiwan, Monday (10/17/2011).

Vietnamese women, aged 30 years and only known to have the name of the Pan family, the wife cut husband penis penis up to half of the husband at their home located in the southern city of Tainan after ingesting drugs and fell asleep.

The wife after committing heinous then discard half of the husband's penis into the river before he plunged into the river. "He was taken into custody," remarked a local police official.

This woman admitted the act to the police if he did not feel guilty for what was done to her husband who is 29 years older.

Police said, in recognition of the woman, the woman admitted often beaten even though he worked at a karaoke place to finance their needs. Since they married two years ago. The husband is Taiwanese nationals and do not have jobs, often persecuted and cheated on my back.