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May 23, 2011

Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Jackie Blue

Jackie BlueOzark Mountain DaredevilsOo, Jackie BlueLives her life from inside of her roomHides a smile when she's wearin' a frownOo, Jackie you're not so downYou like your life in a free-form styleYou'll take an inch but you'd love a mileThere never seems to be quite enoughFloating around to fill your lovin' cupOo, Jackie BlueWhat's a game girl, if you never lose?Ask a winner and you'll probably findOo, Jackie they've lost at sometimeDon't try to tell meThat you're not aware of what you're doingAnt that you don't careYou say it's easy, just a natural thingLike playing music, but you never singOo, Jackie BlueMaking wishes that never come trueGoing places where you've never beenOo, Jackie Blue, you're going againOo, Jackie BlueLives her life from inside of her roomMakes you think that her life is a dragOo, Jackie, what fun you have hadOo, Jackie, oo Jackie, oo, JackieOo, Jackie.................fadeMark James Melbourne,