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May 9, 2011

On Broken Wings - As You Speak

Such Convictions
I Feel Like Stuttering
I Just Wanted To Move
Listen On The
Subjects I've Found
On The Importance
Of This Liquid
I Get Last Laughs Now
It's Not At All How
I'd Predicted
There Was Never Pressure
You Just Seep In To What
Ever Mold You're In The
Presence Of Long
Enough To Fill Out
As You Speak
Walk Away
Keep Walking
Drop Dead
Say What You Mean To
You Fucking Liar

Soapbox Hero
I Should Be Coming
Clean Tonight
He Said
I Wont Swell Up With
Pride Tonight
He Said
If Your're Living A Lie
Them I'm Living A Lie
And You've Parted With
Nothing New Tonight