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May 8, 2011

Omarion - Drop That Heater

Girl I know you want to give it to me
You got something I can't deny
Ohh want you drop so I can see
Damn I can tell you're ain't shy (2x's)

Verse 1
She's all over me
Like a steal grown mammal
waitin' to bust off
that just won't jam her
she's ready to be
throwed out of handle
sticking up panicin'
if she get sweater
I can tell that she knows
everything in the club
wishin I can switch places with them
Get my attention like I'm giving to her
Tellin me to come take off her clothes
Got me sayin'

Drop that heater
Brop off the meter
Get off in her
Shorty gonna be
And I got to go get her

(verse 2)